About us

My name is Lorenz Wuthrich and I am the founder of Abovy Services. We are a multi faceted company with interests in consulting, private equity, property development, web design and implementation. People often ask me what you get from a relationship with Abovy and the answer is, everything!

You will receive professional solutions and outcomes from day one! My experience in web design and project management, enables me and those who work for me, to build highly effective websites for all types of services and products.

No matter what type of business you are in, we can assist you to design and implement a strategy that will help launch a new product or re-enter the market with an existing product. Our speciality is designing necessary actions and project managing those actions into deliverables for your company.

I have over fifteen years of experience in the development of large management systems in different industries from technology to steel. I have led project management teams from businesses all over the world. My initial training in business management and political science was at the science and technology university in Berne, Switzerland. After that I added to my experience by carrying out successful business development and project management roles, leading to a board position with a leading Swiss Steel company. In this capacity, I successfully managed a full change management program, dealing with many and varied business facets from Trade Union negotiations, to new systems and process implementation. I can do the same for your business and would be delighted to assist if called upon.

In order to assist Abovy further in offering a full suite of services in the private equity field, Matthew Verdon has recently joined us to carry out the role of CEO. Matthew is an investment banker and a former Director of Deutsche Private Bank Africa. He was additionally Head of Bespoke Investment Solutions (Private Equity) for Dexia Private Bank Offshore. Matt has a law degree from the University of Wales, holds the Investment Management Certificate for fund management and is a Member of the Society of United Kingdom Investment Professionals.

Together Matt and I will be rolling out Abovy’s new property development platform. This will commence with an exciting development on Middleton Beach, in the city of Albany in the South of Western Australia. Abovy has registered its interest to be a lead developer on this project and is currently raising capital from parties interested in the opportunities that this presents.

In the world of import export and cleaning agents, Abovy has a number of joint venture agreements in place to develop and roll out significant new products in the Australian market place.

I am confident that if you have a business or company that you would like to raise capital for, whether for a new product or existing business line, Abovy will be able to assist you in raising the capital that you require. The contacts that Matt brings to Abovy from the capital markets of the Middle East and Europe, give us significant opportunities to assist start up and growing businesses in Western Australia and Australia as a whole, across all sectors. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you on your future projects.

So in summary….

Abovy is active in all theatres of company finance, management and administration. We have leading capabilities in the areas of ; Property development, import and export, private equity, corporate finance and business consulting. We would be happy to assist you in all areas of ;

  • Optimisation
  • Development
  • Restructuring

Let us assist you in the management of your business by helping to develop your strategy and if necessary commencing and directing a change management process, to bring about the successes you and your business deserve.

If you are seeking finance to expand or develop your business and are interested in discussing ways of raising capital via either debt or equity, we are confident that our contacts both in Australia and internationally will be extremely beneficial to you. Whilst we prefer selling all or parts of a business, we are equally happy when called upon, to work the buy side of an equation and to look or seek out target businesses for our clients to acquire. In relation to buying or selling parts, or all of your business, we understand the importance of a complete and thorough due diligence process on both sides of the equation and are confident in carrying the same out, leaving no stone unturned!

Whatever your business requirements, be they ; Administration, production, technology, strategy, or finance, we are confident that at all levels Abovy has something for everyone. We’d be delighted to make your acquaintance and to help you in any way we can.

Kind Regards