Perth promotion in Switzerland

May 2019

She didn’t want to leave the beach after the spectacular sunset’ is what I tell my relatives when they ask how life is in Perth. Because you’ll see everyone is enjoying themselves. Everyone you meet likes to chat and shares their plans to go on a road trip or just returned from a great adventure. North, you drive into rising temperatures and South, to experience lots scenic places on a high density compared to the rest of WA. Wineries are a must-go destination to Wine and Dine. Tunes from acoustic musicians are part of the ambience which creates this feeling of belonging to the place.

[tech aspect of this promotion] Perth’s promotional activities for Swiss reading article which are related to travel, wine and language stays in Perth. The posts is active in various newsletters (2000 journalists/media/multiplicators / open rate 30%) and will be included in online media. Targeted are readers who are interested in WA as a Road Trip state and the spectacles of natures to explore. Combined with a sense of Wine and Dine and Clamping so to speak.

Video Editing Service

April 2019

Matt needed a promotional video for the Poteng Hoes.  The video editing service provided by Abovy was efficient, fast and easy to deal with.

Please have a look what we put together for Matt.

  • Client provided videos and photos from the fire testing
  • Story board, graphics and sound by Abovy
  • Editing of 10 hours involving 3 team members

Business development consulting

Since March 2019

Kim who wants his daughter to succeed with her skin clinic in Melbourne visit Abovy HQ for 2 hours per week to get some momentum to generate leads.

  • Analysis of the marketing tools and processes in place
  • Things which need immediate attention
  • Long term goals for the business
  • Digital strategic road map to gain market share

South Beach –  Bistro 21

  • Video production & editing
  • Thumbnail
  • Email marketing in Perth to promote the Sunday concerts