Mailchimp Designer Perth

Email Marketing is the key to continuously inform your potential clients towards buying your product, service or to visit your premises.

You will find some of the examples of the works we have done and some recommendations.

  • Email Marketing Process and Procedure
  • Designs and Administration
  • E-mail List Management
  • Exciting Newsletter to Entertain your Readers

Currently, Abovy manages more then 25 Email Marketing Accounts. Mostly we use Mailchimp today. (I don’t want to go back to Infusion Soft, just letting you know).

  • Education >> Schools, Student Recruitment
  • Gastronomy >> Restaurants
  • Cosmetic / Beauty Industry >> Skin Care
  • Associations >> Cultural Community Leaders Groups
  • Alternative Medicine >> Nephropathy, Crystal Healing, Kinesiology

Email Marketing Process and Procedure

Your Newsletter can have various function in your marketing actions. By defining the process and the procedure, you solve the main challenges to publish regularly a successful newsletter.

  • Newsletter are always strong in advancing the clients perception about your service or product. In which of phase of the buying process you use the newsletter?
    • Start: Your potential client learns more about you and will receive newsletter to create more confidence into your service and product.
      • Information: Show / Demonstrate
      • Comparison: Your advantages
      • Preference: Why you are the match
      • Call to action: It is now time to buy
    • You inform existing clients about your new products or service on a regular base to up-sale.
    • Depending on your industry and the way you receive the revenue from your clients the campaign will be structured.

Let us talk about the process

The creation and publishing process should smoothly fit into your business operation. Sometimes the deadline for the newsletter become a crucial point of reference for a lot of other activities. This relates to online shops who send a newsletter to 20’000+ customer. Then you need to ready!

  • What does your reader need to know from your newsletter to be excited about your product or service
  • Story, yes stories make the difference. If you can please make it a continues story.
  • Images which relate to your team and your product is a must (even if they are not top top quality).
  • Success follows continuity. If we can manage to create 10 newsletter and set them all up to sent automatically would be ideal. However the truth is that it will normally be short term.
  • Who will provide information and text on what date? Following a content plan for the year is even better. Yes we include all the public holidays and other relevant events. Most impressive are the newsletter who react to a massive public event in the news.

Design and Administration

The design can be a simple template which nicely follows your business corporate design template.

  • Stylish but simple to be easy for all mail-reading software
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Videos are becoming more popular these days
  • Gmail, Outlook, Apple all have preferences in how emails should come a long.
  • Make it fun


  • Marketing plan should include the publishing dates of the newsletter and all necessary resources indicated, otherwise nobody will have time to do it.
  • Your employee need to be aware when the newsletter will be published so they are ready for the action following.
    • Content production process
    • Sales related processes triggered by the newsletter tested
    • Publishing date and time
  • To appoint a newsletter responsible person who reports to the management regularly increases its relevance and it is in-grind in stone.

E-Mail List Management

  • Cyber frauds regularly steal mailing list and all data coming with it, because it is the gold nugget of your company.
    • Security protocols need to be in place.
  • The behaviour of your readers reflects a lot of your business development activities.
  • Yes, you can buy lists and kick start your business activities. Abovy did for many years develop mailing lists for clients.
  • The Email List will become your customer database to monitor your sales activities through the whole sales process.

Exciting Newsletter to Entertain your Readers

  • Images, are always inspiring and wining
  • Text, keep it as short as possible, well that is an Art in itself.
  • Entertaining your reader is making it more personal because of your passion.