Mailchimp Newsletters by Abovy

Your Mailchimp newsletter can be very simple or very creative. There is no real rule what is best. Obviously, images and graphics are more convincing. However, when you have no time and resources for fancy graphics, then a simple design will do the job. Most important, is to send a newsletter on a regular basis.

Bistro 21 in South Fremantle

The Newsletters were sent weekly during summer 2018 to promote the Sunday concerts. 18,000 readers have received the newsletter on a regular basis. Abovy provided Mailings, Email Addresses, Promotional Video of the restaurant and their Sunday concerts.

  • Newsletter Weekly to promote Sunday concerts
    • Landing page for RSVP
    • Google Business Link (conversion)
    • Email List Hired
    • Opening rate more then 5% – 35%
All further data is confidential.

Weekly Newsletter automated

Weekly, the newsletter is published when content is provided. The newsletter has a simple design relating to Perth (Image Tourism WA). The readers, about 18,000 in Perth related to cultural community group and government departments share their messages in a simple but effective way.

You can visit the newsletter archive via this link to see how the automation is in use.

Newsletters, readers don’t receive it

The Swiss Club of WA has 1,300 readers following the club news. The readers are in all-ages. Some readers only get the plain text version of the newsletter because of their junk-mail filters classifying the newsletter wrongly as junk mail.

  • Mailing administration
  • Integration of social media
  • Continuously achieving more people to signup for the newsletter
Please visit the archive of the newsletter to some of the simple newsletters which are very effective to keep members in the loop