– How to actually start
– Clients, how can I approach them
– How to get over the first difficulties to actually generate business
– Financials

– Your business is not generating income, what to do next
– Your business needs to adapt to the new economic environment
– Planing – Execution – Controlling – Adaptation
– Emotional Roller-coaster – you need to keep in control

– Change Management
– Communication Management
– Change of Company profile (service/product)

– You gotta sell your stuff over the web!! (Maybe)
– Marketing is all about a plan and to stick to it
– Marketing  strategy
– Communication strategy
– Market segmentation and Positioning

– Sales Strategy
– Sales Process engineering
– Sales training in your company
– Sales controlling
– Sales optimizing

Information Management
– What resources need to be provided by your IT
– IT-Strategy
– IT-Service Level Agreement
– IT Operation process
– Confidentiality of information

Web services
– Concept of website service design to guide the visitor
– Visitor concept to gain information, trust and do a decision
– Service design and the concept for the pricing online
– Website geography – where to find what to convince the visitor
– Optimisation to improve the conversation rate from visitor to customer
– Website as your number one sales point!!