Web Design and Online Marketing

Abovy empowers its clients to manage and control their online presence, with assistance and training in the use of your website’s content management system and the strategic use of content platforms.

Abovy provides the spectrum of responsive website technology allowing your website to look amazing on any format from a smart phone to your boardroom’s wide screen TV. As your business grows and technology evolves, we keep you updated and provide online support for improving the online offering of your business.

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS) that enables you to manage your website simply and easily.

Abovy is Perth’s leader in the design, development, integration, customisation and hosting of Joomla websites. We also provide comprehensive training in the Joomla content management system.

Online Marketing Services

How do you reach out from your website and interact with your market? Abovy will evaluate digital marketing opportunities for your business and work with you to expand your market cut-through with an online marketing strategy.


These metrics serve a purpose to give an overview about the visitor and their behaviour on your website,  but if you want to sell something online you need to look deeper. The first question to ask is ‘What is the goal of my website?’.  You may have a number of goals but if you are in business your main goal is likely to be to sell X amount of X product, generating X amount of revenue.

Start with Goal Setting

Google analytics enables you to set-up a number of goals and run reports specifically to check how well you are doing in achieving them.  Say your current goal is track how many visitors are reaching the checkout page on your site i.e. buying a product.  You can set up a goal called ‘Buy Product’ and define this as a ‘URL destination’ goal.  This will then enable you to report on how many times visitors reach the Confirmation of order page.

Different types of goal

Even the most hardened capitalist should be interested in more than just sales – you need to understand what leads to sales.  Digital marketing success needs to be measured in more holistic sense.  That’s why google analytics allows you to measure goals in 3 ways:

  • A URL destination goal – allows you to see how many times visitors have visited a certain part of your site.  For example, if they sign up for your email newsletter each time they do so a URL will be displayed.  Google Analytics will count how many times that URL is reached so you can measure how many users are signing up against your objectives.
  • Time on site goal – this is a useful metric because it helps to prove how engaging your content is which in turn helps to show how engaged customers are with your site.  Engagement increases your chances of making sales and building a loyal customer base.  In 2010 the average website visit was 5.2 minutes according to google analytics.
  • Pages per visit goal – this helps to show much navigation around your site the average visitor is doing.  Your goal might be to get visitors to visit at least 5 pages.  Your report would then show the percentage of visitors doing so.

So these are a few basic but useful ways to measure your marketing goals online.  When getting started for the first time the most important thing is to have a clear view of which pieces of information are most important for measuring success, your key performance indicators (KPIs) and to produce a number of structured reports for delivering that information.  In my next post I will look conversion funnels, another important measure of your digital marketing performance.

Abovy provides

• Search Engine Optimisation or SEO
• Paid online advertising, including AdWords and social media advertising
• Email marketing and email newsletters
• Content marketing, landing pages and SEO copywriting
• Online videos and interactive online training, including YouTube
• Social media campaigns including posting, events and competitions
• Monitoring online trends and web analytics to keep your strategy on track