Workflow Optimisation

Want greater office productivity and lower costs?

Do you or your staff spend too much time copying and pasting, entering the same data twice, and doing menial tasks? Optimising your business processes and automating certain parts of the workflow not only lowers your operating costs, but also reduces the error rate, improves customer service, and boosts employee job satisfaction.

Our team of business process optimisation consultants will assess your business workflow and advise on the tasks that can be streamlined. The following non-exhaustive list contains a few typical tasks that can be automated using our solutions:

•Extracting, processing, and analysing data from databases, Web sites, e-mail messages, PDF files, etc.;

•Generating reports, client proposals, invoices, Word/Excel/PowerPoint/PDF documents, etc.;

•Distributing information to relevant stakeholders and keeping track of outstanding tasks;

•Interfacing with or operating third-party applications;

•Scheduling automated tasks to run overnight so that you can come to the office and start working on value-added activities right away;

•Setting up automated alerts and escalation messages when unexpected events occur;

•Designing expert systems that replicate the decisions and actions of the subject matter expert.

We work on fixed-price terms, so there will be no budget overruns. All automation projects that we do are priced so that the payback period for the investment in under one year, but often a lot shorter than this. Email or call us today for a free consultation.